Winner of the 2020 Germany Reddot Design Award

imop spin mop system won the reddot award 2020


iMop is a sustainable, efficient, elegant mopping system for a healthy lifestyle.



The iMop spin mop system uses only half a gallon of water to clean your whole house, but it still leaves your floors spotless. The mop has a water filtration and recycling system that allows it to actively clean and reuse water as you mop…


Efficient Cleaning

Most spin mop systems push grime and dirty water around your floor. Even if you vacuum before and after mopping, much of the mess you sought to eliminate gets left behind.  iMop separates your clean and dirty water with a filtration system, making sure dirt and particulates don’t get reintroduced to the floor from the bucket…


Elegant Design

We want cleaning to be more than a chore. We want it to be a part of your lifestyle. So we designed a mop that is well-crafted from handle to brush. It’s lightweight, so you can easily maneuver it around corners and in tight spaces…


Clean Differently

Cleaning your floors should be easier than it is right now. iMop is a sustainable, efficient, elegant spin mop and bucket system that takes the “chore” out of cleaning floors. It is an essential tool for those that seek a healthy hygienic lifestyle…


Be kind to mother earth. She is our only HOME.


iMop’s patented water filtration system separates the dirty water from the clean water, requiring only a 1/2 gallon of water per clean.


iMop uses washable microfiber mop pads which can easily be tossed into the washing machine.


A household that uses the iMop consumes about 80% less water than competing spin mops. Over time the savings really do add up.


No more heavy-lifting when mopping thanks to the iMop’s ultra light-weight bucket. At just 2.58 lbs dry and 6.75 lbs filled with water, the iMop is more then 5 times lighter with other competitors.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers say.

Love it, 5 stars! I’ve always hated cleaning the floors and I put it off. I feel like I’m just pushing dirt around instead of cleaning it off. But the built-in filtration system with this mop is great! It separated dirty water from clean water. My friends have noticed how clean my floors are because I do it way more often. It’s easy to clean the floor often when it actually goes really fast.

Betty T.

Filtration really works! It’s amazing how much floor I can clean without pouring gallons of water. I’m trying to be more conscious about the sustainable cleaning practices I can use. iMop has been a huge step in that direction. What you guys are doing is awesome!”

Tommy R.

It uses a lot less water! I got so tired of buying floor cleaning products that seemed wasteful and didn’t even get my floors that clean. I’m shocked by how much iMop can clean with only a little bit of water. Makes my feet feel clean when I walk around, and makes me feel good about the planet too. Absolutely recommend it to anyone.”

Annabel J.

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