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The future of mopping reimagined

Cleaner floors make better impressions on guests, improve our physical health, and make us feel better about ourselves and our lifestyle.

Floor cleaning is usually a chore that involves hand scrubbing, waterlogged mops, or disposable mopping systems that pollute our landfills. It’s time consuming, it’s hard to do right, and it’s bad for the environment.

Thanks to the iMop’s patented water filtration system that works inside the iMop bucket, the future of mopping has been reimagined. You can now clean your floors with confidence knowing that the water and mop head are truly particulate-free after every cleanse in the mop bucket. The iMop is a big leap forward in mopping technology.

Expect great design.

Our parent company, Exclusive Heritage, is known for their manufacturing prowess in designing elegant products with supreme functionality. They were the perfect partner to take on the challenge of designing a mopping system that fixed the mop’s historical shortcomings. Specifically, mopping being a dirty, time-consuming, and environmentally taxing chore.

At iMop, we are passionate about home cleaning because we know what a clean home can do for both your mental and physical health. Our design philosophy is to make products smarter, reducing the need for customers to work harder. We are resolute in our belief that the tiny details and touches matter. If we can’t build it the right way, then we won’t build it. Period.

With the iMop, you’ll find a smarter floor cleaning system that is sustainable, efficient, and pleasing to the eye.

Clean sustainably.

At iMop, we take our commitment to protecting the planet seriously. To us, it doesn’t make sense to make our houses sparkling clean if in the process we are causing unnecessary waste and harm to the environment. With that mindset, we were determined to invent a mop that truly was able to conserve water, reduce the need for harsh chemicals, and eliminate the use of disposable mop pads like you see with other mopping systems. Being a family-run business, we are committed to doing all that we can to make sure that our children, and their children’s children, get the opportunity to live in a world that is environmentally sustainable. At the core, that is what the iMop is about.

When it comes to water conservation, the iMop uses a water filtration system that cleans your water as you clean the floor. Instead of needing to constantly change out the mop water like with other systems, you will now be able to clean your entire floor with a half gallon of water. Since the filter removes dirt and particulates from the water as you clean, you end up with cleaner floors.

When you are done mopping, the mop head can be tossed into the washing machine. It’s not a single use cleaning pad. Less water consumption + reusable mop pads + cleaner floors—it’s how we’re making floor cleaning better and more sustainable.

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