Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Guide During Coronavirus

With a novel coronavirus spreading across the planet, many of us are spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to. Learn the latest on hygiene with our cleaning guide!

2020 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Guide During Coronavirus

Which means that clean homes are more important than ever. Because we’re spending so much time at home, cleanliness is a part of our mental health and self-care. If we’re living in dirty rooms and messy floors, that’s going to affect the way that we think about life. For many of us, the cleanliness and orderliness of our bedroom is a pretty good indicator of our stress levels about life.

Additionally, clean homes are now extremely important for our actual physical health. With less fresh air in our lungs, we’re more susceptible than ever to the dust, mold, and things that are floating around our houses. Just because you can’t see the dirt and germs in the house doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

For the sake of our physical and mental health—we all need to be running a tight ship when it comes to cleaning. We really believe that iMop will make your life better by changing the way that you clean. It’s lightweight and has a sleek, well-crafted design. We know that if we can make cleaning a bit more of a lifestyle event and a bit less of a chore, we’re all going to be better off for it.

1. Cleaning Guide Tip: Cleaning with Less Chemicals

You might have noticed that certain cleaning supplies and chemicals are in short supply right now. Soaps, disinfectants, and home cleaning wipes can be hard to come by. It’s important to find good alternatives in the event that your favorite disinfectant wipes aren’t quite available.

Soap and water is always an effective way to get things clean. While you might be short on paper towels, now’s the time to invest in more sustainable alternatives. Transitioning your old towels into cleaning rags, or investing in some new cloth, will give you a good cleaning solution that isn’t single use. While those disinfectant wipes are handy, the single-use product and harsh chemicals aren’t always good for the environment.

You’ll be doing a lot of tile and floor cleaning during this time too, especially in the kitchen where groceries are transferred around. Instead of using single-use pads, which might be hard to come by right now anyway, try out a different cleaning solution. Of course, we’re partial to iMop, which has a washable head. You can simply toss it in the wash with your cleaning rags.

As long as you have soap on hand, you won’t be running out of cleaning supplies if you use washable products!

Cleaning Guide During Coronavirus Blog Post

2. Wash Your Sheets and Clothes

Tip number two in our cleaning guide is for your sheets and clothes. Where does most of the bacteria, dust, and chemicals that we breathe in come from in a day? It’s not the air around us, it’s the fabric in our lives. While working from home and staying home a lot might mean that you get to wear your favorite t-shirt all the time, it doesn’t mean that you should. Get in the habit of still washing clothes and sheets like you would if you were out to the office and the gym every day.

In fact, in these conditions, we should all probably be washing our sheets and our clothes more often. It’s important to give our bodies the best possible conditions. Our routines have been interrupted and our stress levels are rising—there’s no need to add nighttime dust from dirty pillow cases to the mix.

3. Clean Your Floors

Gravity makes things go down. Which means that a lot of the gross stuff in your home eventually ends up falling, floating, and otherwise crawling down to the floor. When you’re at home all the time, stirring the air and walking around, it will mean that your floors get dirty faster than ever. And keeping your floors clean in a time like this is really, really important.

Getting floor cleaning supplies and maintaining a stash of them can be tough right now, so it’s important to have a simple solution. iMop is a really lightweight, simple floor cleaning solution that will help you maintain a healthy home.

Unlike some bigger mops, iMop is also really light. Even with a half gallon of water it’s only a few pounds and can be easily maneuvered around tight spots in your kitchen and bathroom. While cleaning the floors is typically one of the more annoying, time consuming jobs—iMop will make it something that you enjoy.

4. More Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The fourth tip in our cleaning guide is to do with the planet. At this time, a lot of us are reevaluating things about our lives. It’s a good chance to step back and reassess the ways that we’re doing certain things. It would be awesome if we all used this time to think about our environmental impact, and the ways that we can all individually make meaningful change. Often in a cleaning guide, products are recommended that eat up a ton of resources, water, and chemicals. If we change the way that we clean our houses and the way that we purchase cleaning products as consumers, it will have a big impact on the earth.

iMop is the future of eco-friendly floor cleaning. It uses a proprietary water filtration system to clean your whole house with a half-gallon of water, so you’ll waste a lot less clean water getting a clean floor. Plus, since the filter traps dirt instead of pushing it around, you’ll get a cleaner result.

5. Schedule Chores

Most of us have had major interruptions to the routines that we used to have. Instead of going places and bustling around the city, we’re stuck at home, all the time. The interruptions to our routines can also have a big impact on how we feel and our health. The days might start to blend together, and there seems to be no meaningful difference between a Sunday and a Wednesday!

Our final tip in our cleaning guide is organization. In order to take back some structure and control in this environment, you might want to consider creating a new schedule for yourself. If you’re not a super detail-oriented person, you probably didn’t have a fixed system for household cleaning. You probably just cleaned certain things as they came up, or as your schedule had gaps. Being home means that you’ll have the opportunity to use cleaning as a way of providing structure. Try setting up one day of the week for an individual task or room of the house. You could try devoting thirty minutes or even an hour each day to a different room, and cycle through rooms each week. You might be surprised at the kind of cleaning, organizing, and maintenance you could get done! Check back here for another eco-friendly cleaning guide and tips on how to maintain a happy, clean home.