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Gone are the days of pushing dirt, hair, and other particulates around your floors when mopping. Thanks to the iMop’s patented water filtration system, you can now clean your floors with confidence knowing that the water and mop head are truly particulate-free after every cleanse in the mop bucket. Unlike disposable mop head systems that are costly and require multiple mop head replacements during a single clean, the iMop utilizes the power of a rapid spin-agitator and a filtered water station to clean and replenish the mop head with the perfect amount of moisture for a seamless mopping experience. The process is extremely efficient and effective, delivering a high performance clean with significantly less effort than mops of the past. The iMop is truly an engineering marvel and has reimagined the future of mopping.

The bucket diameter is 11 13/16″ and the height of the bucket is 7”. The ComfortFit adjustable telescopic stainless-steel handle effortlessly extends from 45 3/4” to 55 1/4”, allowing you to not only customize the mop length to your comfort level, but also to reach those hard-to-get-to areas in your home.

The bucket itself weighs in at just 2.58 pounds. The mop bucket was designed to be easy to maneuver and stored in tight spaces. Our machine-washable ultra absorbent microfiber mop pad is 10″ wide. The iMop mop pad delivers a mighty streak-free clean removing dirt, grime, dust, hair, and other particulates from floor surfaces.

Thanks to the patented water filtration system built into the bucket, you can mop more floor with less water. With just a half gallon of water needed per clean, the Eco-Friendly iMop is in a league of its own when it comes to reducing water waste. It is extremely lightweight for easy maneuverability – which is good for both your hands and your lower back.

Now, depending on how dirty your floors are and how dirty the water looks in the bucket’s upper reservoir, it might make sense to change the water.  It’s a personal preference decision if you choose to replace the bucket water mid-clean, but the great news is it only takes a few seconds to refill!

The answer lies with the iMop’s 360 degree rapid spin technology. Simply rest the mop head on the internal bucket spindle, open the spin latch, and begin plunging the mop handle up and down (recommend 12 plunges) to spin away dirt and grime from the mop head while the clean water station simultaneously scrubs and moistens the mop head.

Much like buying a high-end luxury item, you can FEEL the difference and tell that the iMop was designed with both performance and durability in mind. Don’t take our word for it though. Try it out for yourself. If you don’t think the iMop is the best mop you have ever owned, we will gladly help you process a return under our Happiness Guarantee Policy.

Mops have been eyesore since the day they were invented. We sought to change that, designing a mop that is distinctly sleek, compact, and modern. The iMop is as pleasing to the eye as the clean it leaves behind. The iMop’s striking visual appeal adds a mesmerizing modern elegance to any room it’s in, whether stored or not.

In general, under regular use conditions, we recommend our customers replace the filter and the microfiber mop cloth every 2-3 months. If you follow the proper care instructions included with the iMop, they may even last longer. It really all depends on the condition of your floors as well as how often you mop.

A good rule of thumb is to take out the filter and judge it for yourself. We highly suggest that you rinse your filter under clean water after each clean to remove larger particles and debris. Doing so will help prevent the water filtration’s inflow valve from getting clogged.  As for the microfiber cloth, we recommend that you machine-wash it after every clean.

The iMop system includes: iMop Bucket with Patented Water Filtration Reservoir (QTY 1), Adjustable Mop Handle (QTY 1), Mop Plate (QTY 1), Microfiber Mop Pads (QTY 2), and Water Filters (QTY 4).

We designed our mop system to hopefully bring a little more joy to a task that has historically been a burden. To that end, if the iMop falls short of your expectations within the first 100 days, simply give us a shout and we will repair, replace, or help you process a return. We want you feeling happy and confident about your purchase.